How To Reduce the Risk of Tooth Cavities in Kids

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How To Reduce the Risk of Tooth Cavities in Kids

Dietary recommendations to prevent cavities

1. Drink only water in bottles or spill proof cups, except at meals or snacks.
2. Avoid night feeding to sleep or in the middle of the night after 6 months old or when teeth are present. Milk can pool around the front teeth and cause “baby bottle cavities”. These are cavities caused mostly by drinking milk during night time.
3. Switch from bottle to open cup as soon as child can drink adequate amount of fluids by open cup.
4. Drink milk, juice with meals or snacks.
5. Avoid sugary drinks at all times. ( soda pop, sports drinks etc.)
6. Replace sugary snacks with cheese, fruits and other protein snacks.


Brushing recommendations to prevent Cavities

1. Until the age of 7 or 8, it is best that child’s teeth are brushed by an adult.
2. Brush twice a day, especially before bedtime.
3. Clean infant’s mouth using a wet washcloth.
4. Use a soft toothbrush as soon as the first baby teeth appear.

Even though baby teeth are replaced by permanent teeth, then why is it important to keep good oral hygiene for baby teeth?

1. By Caring for kids teeth, it teaches them the importance of brushing and maintaining good oral hygiene.
2. It prevents any tooth infection or pain.
3. Tooth pain can interfere with kids eating and significantly affect diet intake.
4. Avoids sleepless nights due to toothache.
5. Baby teeth are guiding pillars for permanent teeth. To ensure permanent teeth come out ( erupt) as straight as possible, baby teeth should be in mouth for their natural period.

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